SMART MATH Quick Method Form and Algebraic Elements
Consider the following illustration.
Many of her dolls more than 5 Rachel Angel doll. If a lot
Rachel stated stuffed with so many dolls Angel x expressed by x + 5. 
If Rachel doll 4 pieces then Angel doll as much as 9 pieces.
Forms such as (x + 5) is called the algebra.
The algebra is a mathematical form in presentation contains letters to represent numbers not yet known.

Algebraic form can be used to resolve Smart Math Quick Method
problems in everyday life. Things that are not known as much fuel it takes a
buses in each week, the distance covered in a certain time, or the amount of forage required within 3 days, can be found using algebra.
Examples of other forms like algebra :
2x,-3p, 4y + 5, 2x2 - 3x +7, (x + 1) (x - 5), and-5x (x - 1) (2x + 3). 
The letters x, p, and y on the algebra is called a variable. Furthermore, there is a form of algebra elements algebra, including variables, constants, factors, similar tribes, and tribal not similar.

In order for you to be more clear about the elements of the form algebra, study the following descriptions.
1. Variables, Constants, and Factor
Note the algebraic form 5x + 3y + 8x - 6y + 9.
On the algebraic form, the letters x and y are called variables.
A variable is a symbol that has not a substitute for a number known values ​​clearly.

Variable called variables. Variables are usually denoted with small letters a, b, c, ..., z.
As for the number 9 on the algebra of the above referred constants.
Is the rate constant of a form of algebra in the form numbers and no load variable.

If a number can be converted into a = p X q with a, p, q integers, then p and q are called the factors of a.
On the algebra above, 5x can be described as
5x = 5 X X X 1 or 5x = 5x.
So, the factors of 5x is 1.5, x, and 5x.

As for the meaning of the coefficients are constant factor a tribe in the form of algebra.
Note the coefficient of each term in the algebra
5x + 3y + 8x - 6y + 9. 5x the rate coefficient is 5, the tribe
3y is 3, at 8x rate is 8, and the tribe is-6y -6.

2. It kind of tribe and tribe Similar
a) The rate is variable or constant coefficients along the form of algebraic operations that are separated by a number or a difference.
The tribes are the kind that has a variable rate and the rank of each variable are the same.
Example: 5x and-2x, 3A2 and a2, y and 4y, ...

Tribe is not a type that has a variable rate and the rank of each variable are not the same.
Example: 2x and-3x2,-y and-x3, and 5x-2y, ...

b) the Tribe is a form of algebra that are not connected by sum or difference operations.
Example: 3x, 2a2,-4xy, ...

c) is the algebra of the two parts are connected by a single sum or difference operations.
Example: 2x + 3, a2 - 4, 3x2 - 4x, ...

d) is the algebra of three parts which are connected by two sum or difference operations.
Example: 2x2 - x + 1, 3x + y - xy, ...
Algebraic forms that have more than two parts called many tribes. so we can do with smart math Quick Method

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