Smart Math Algebra factorization in Mathematics School

Smart Math Algebra factorization in Mathematics School 
To remind again about Algebra? In Class grade 8, you have familiar form of algebra and arithmetic operations have also been studied in The algebraic form. Now, you will add to your knowledge of the algebra, in particular regarding the factorization algebra.Why do you need to learn algebra? Possible You do not realize that the concept of algebra is often used in everyday life.Each day, Nita save X amount of dollars. How big savings the child after one week? How much greater the savings after one month? After 10 days, saving money that bought two books that cost y dollars, what is the rest of the money savings Mark?When you are looking for a settlement of the case, then you're using algebraic concepts. Therefore, study the chapter The well Calculate Operation Algebra Shape In class grade 8, you have studied the terms of shape algebra, coefficient,variables, constants, tribal, and similar parts. To remind you again,learned the following examples. 
• 2PQ          • 5x + 4           • 2x + 3y -5           • x2 + 3x -2           • 9x2 - 3xy + 8 
Form of algebraic number (1) is called a single tribe or a tribal one because only consists of one syllable, is 2PQ. On the algebraic form, called 2coefficient, while p and q are called variable because the value of p and q can change able. The form of algebraic numbers (2) is called the binomial as The algebraic form has two parts, as follows.a. Parts containing variable X, the coefficient is 5.b. Tribes that do not contain the variable X, namely 4, called constants. Constants is a tribe whose value does not change.Now, in the form of algebraic numbers (3), (4), and (5), let you specify Which is the coefficient, variables, constants, and tribes?
Smart Solution Math Algebra factorization in Mathematics School
Addition and reduction Algebra Shape In this section, you will learn how to add up and subtract similar tribes in the algebra. Basically, the properties of summation and reductions in force at the real numbers, applies also for addition and subtraction on algebraic forms, as following.a. Commutative properties + b = b + a, with a and b real numbers b. Associative properties(A + b) + c = a + (b + c), with a, b, and c real numbers c. Distributive
properties (b + c) = ab + ac, with a, b, and c real numbers So that you may better understand the properties that apply to the algebra,Example: Question [Q] and Answers [A]Simplify the following algebraic forms Q. 6mn + 3mnA. 6mn + 3mn = 9mnQ 16x + 3x + 3 + 4A. 16x + 3 + 4 + 3x + 3x = 16x + 3 + 4
= 19x + 7Q. - X - y + x - 3A. - X - y + x - 3 =-x + x - y - 3
= - Y - 3Q. 2p - 2q + 3P2 - 3p + 5q2A. 2p - 3P2 + 2q - 5q2 + 3p = 2p + 3p - 3P2 + 2q - 5q2
= 5p - 3P2 + 2q - 5q2
=-3P2 + 5p - 5q2 + 2qA. 6m + 3 (m2 - n2) - 2m2 + 3N2Q. 6m + 3 (m2 - n2) - 2m2 + 6m + =

     3n2 3n2 - 3n2 - 3n2 = 2m2 +
6m + 3m2 - 2m2 - 3n2 + 3n2 =
m2 + 6m

This  Smart Math Algebra factorization in Mathematics School

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