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1. Statement Smart Math
In everyday life we often see a variety of the following sentences.
a. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia.
b. Mount "Merapi" in Central Java.
c. 8> -5.
The third sentence above is a sentence that is true, because every person recognizes the truth of the sentence.
Then consider the following sentences. 
a. "Monas" is located in Jogjakarta.
b. 2 + 5 <-2
c. Sunset in the east.

The third sentence is a sentence that is false, because everyone does not agree with the sentence.
Sentences that can be determined truth value (true or false) statement is called.
Now consider the following sentences.
a. Apple fruit taste sweet.
b. Eat nutritious foods.
c. Learn diligently so you go up a class.
Can you determine the truth value of the sentence - the sentence above? Do you think the sentences are not statements? Why?

2. Open Sentences & Sentence Completion Association open Smart Math.
Can a sentence to answer the question "Indonesia is located on the continent of x". If x is replaced Asia then the sentence is true. As for if x is replaced Europe then the sentence is false. Sentences such as "Indonesia is located on the continent of x" is called open sentence.
a. 3 - x = 6, x member of the set of integers.
b. 12 - y = 7, y member of the set of natural numbers.
c. z * 5 = 15, z member of the set of natural numbers.

Sentence 3 - x = 6, x integer members would be true if x is replaced -3 and will be worth one if x is replaced numbers other than -3. Furthermore, x is called a variable, while the 3 and 6 are called constants.

Try to determine the variables and constants of sentence 12 - y = 7 and z * 5 = 15 in the above example.
Open sentence is a sentence that contains a variable and unknown truth value.

A variable is a symbol (symbol) on the open sentence that can be replaced by any member of the set that has been specified.
The constant is a fixed value (s) contained in an open sentence.
Now consider the sentence x2 = 9. If the variable x is replaced by -3 or 3 sentences then x2 = 9 will be true. In this case x = -3 or x = 3 is the completion of an open sentence x2 = 9. Thus, the completion of the sentence set x2 = 9 is {-3, 3}.
Completion of an open set is the set of all sentences replacement of variables in open sentences so that the sentence is true. That is
SMART MATH Open Sentence in Math.

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