Smart Math Fast Multiplication

Smart Math Fast multiplication and easy method by finding the numeral approach 10 which will be multiplied for example: 9 x 8 = 72.we should find the nearest value of the numeral that we will click is from numeral 8 is 2 and 9 is 1, then we will do with the theory of cross multiplication operation . so we'll find the answers be easily

Fast multiplication smart method we will use cross-multiplication theory fast, we did the first couple numeral 8 is 2 we are located just below the number 9 and number between 9 and 2 given a minus sign (-) so 9-2 is 7, so the pair of figure 9 is 1 we are located right under the number 8 next pair of numbers 8 and 9 are 2 and 1 times we love mark (X) so that the 1 X 2 is 2. Fast multiplication gain so the result 72.Let me give you an example of easy multiplication below may be useful to all my friends.

Many children are not memorized the multiplication of cases we try to give the easiest solution for children with this method are expected to more children who had no trouble anymore.this way Smart Math fast multiplication.
For example 9 X 6, 9 pair is 1, and the pair 6 is 4, then 9 minus 4 = 5 ,then 4 multiplied by 1 = 6, the result is 54
For example 8 X 6, 8 pair is 2, and the pair 6 is 4, then 8 minus 4 = 4 ,then 4 multiplied by 2 = 8, the result is 48
For example 7 X 7, 7 pair is 3, and the pair 7 is 3, then 7 minus 3 = 4 then 3 multiplied by 3 = 9, the result is 49
Tips to learn mathematics is actually very easy as long as had mastered addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. numeracy should be trained from an early age and cultivated memorized multiplication and division, many ways in which to memorize multiplication and division. 
The first was a teacher in the classroom students are asked to read in turns multiplication and division of whole student repeated so many times students also heard from a number of students there so that will be memorized by itself. 

Way Smart Math Fast Multiplication  The second day after repeated like before and it was done for two or three meetings, but the material does not change as nine multiplied by one to nine continuously for three meetings definitely memorized.
Conclusions of earlier tips is the duty of a teacher to teach the students methods Fast multiplication so that all students can quickly, the ability of students vary intelligent level.

So it is not wrong to use the first two ways to memorize every day in class, the second by using the method of Fast multiplication. Hopefully this article can be useful for our education so that all candidates for the next generation to be people who are intelligent and wise and rich knowledge both in the field of mathematics one method of Smart Math Fast Multiplication 

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