Quick Division Methods be Smart Basic Mathematics

Quick Division Methods be Smart Basic Mathematics,The idea of ​​this method we made as far as we know many students who do not memorize multiplication and division so we think hard to create this method. Expected with this method will help students everything on the face of the earth in order to create new ideas that will be created by the students, so it will no longer students who are not proficient in math because not memorize multiplication and division.

To perform the first division operations we must require some method of smart, easy and fast denominator is the couple took the number 10 so it will be easier to determine the number pair. 9 pair is 1, 8 is 2, 7 is 3, 6 is 4, while 5 is 5. Smart method of division is easy, for example: 49 : 7 = 7 The first way was to partner number 7 is 3 placed under 4 plus 3 then the result is 7.
Quick Division Methods help who is difficult to perform the task of memorizing the division is not so much, because the amount of 50% basic division written in smart mathematical that we present. In the end, student achievement in mathematics will be better.

Note: The numbers are divided over 50 and the divided above number 6
Observe the following steps carefully or how it works so that you will get inspired how this formula can be run as well so you will get the maximum results. Thus the division was 50% completed, just memorize a small division alone.
Example :
  • 54 : 6 = 9
The trick is to pair 6 is 4, then 4 numbers plus the numbers in front of the 5 + 4 = 9
  • 56 : 8 = 7
The trick is to pair 8 is 2, then 2 numbers plus the numbers in front of the 5 + 2 = 7
  • 63 : 9 = 7
The trick is to pair 9 is 1, then 1 numbers plus the numbers in front of the 6 + 1 = 7 

and so on, you need to know is the divisor plus a couple in front of the numbers. 

But again that should be remembered is better done rote

Easy solutions division will help the students to calculate math-related or daily activities require counting techniques.
Although the exact numbers no matter how long it will be easy in the division easily done by trying divisions Easy way. Mathematical methods easy way would be greatly aided by a simple methods.
So it is not wrong to use the first two ways to memorize every day in class, the second by using the method of Easy way division. Hopefully this article can be useful for our education so that all candidates for the next generation to be people who are intelligent and wise and rich knowledge both in the field of mathematics one method of Quick Division Methods be Smart Basic Mathematics.

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