Smart Way Mathematics

The Smart Way to Early math is a step that must be taken by many older people especially the young mothers who always want their children so smart math since kindergarten age , a variety of ways such as looking for an agency pursued ranging from A to Z of financially affordable to the high level .Basically my goal is just a clever math or general subjects but math is a top priority because of what ? , Indeed mathematics requires fast and precise counting this is a long process because the child had often heard a number of points and a lot of practice , as for some Tips on how clever mathematics from an early age as follows :

In the golden age of children is very high level of intelligence seraph brain power , at this age an important role for parents to air an effort to provide guidance began writing numbers that can not be made better with the help of number of points , then the child is asked to be the point
thicken numbers - point proficiency level this is done with the sorts of numbers such as the number 2 performed many times and then figure be changed so that children write numbers memorized .
The second process is the task seoang why mothers should mother again because math is better when presented in the native language at this step mother prepare objects or toys that will be better shaped figure objects in the form of 3-dimensional shape earlier figures are colorful , in the form of 3 -dimensional will create a memory in a child's imagination .
After the third process can write numbers next step is to learn simple numbers do not add up over 10 because it is training or raising the left brain ( functions writes , menhitung ) is also useful in addition to enlarged right brain ( function for air imagination ) . since the right brain for imagination then air the parenting skills needed to make a story about dealing with a sum of not more than 10 .
Example : Anto has 2 marbles are then given 5 marbles father so how marbles Anto now ? . Note : This example is presented in the story just does not need to be written so kids just answered only

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