Smart Math Tricks Easy way

How to smart math tricks Math Elementary First Class what to do or preparation?

Who would have been able to write the numbers 1 through 9 must be able to write numbers why, at the time was sitting in elementary school lessons are no longer teach start writing or reading other than that if you can not write numbers and letters would therefore prepare to miss your son or daughter at admission elementary was able to write or read.
Be sure to calculate a simple summation or subtraction without borrowing system units ranging from minus / plus the units, tens minus / plus dozens still at its initial commitment to make or give exercises in children figures not to meminjan up first because if the problem is too severe will cause fear in arithmetic (Numeric Phobia), it is good to avoid making the problem leads to a system borrowed depanya numbers.
Give about bagaima How to Quickly Mastering Math summation with storing system but remember do not directly made about tens plus dozens, but step by step as units plus units with saving techniques and this can be done several times to understand the essence of summer in math most large is 9 + 9.
Later in rather long teaching process, namely the reduction of the number of future borrowing system for this phase necessitates patience in conveying how because of the logic at this age is still unstable, so it should be given about the patient with a record of tens of reduced units such as 11-2 and 13-4 and onwards.
This way tips smart math tricks.

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