How to Submit Your Site For Free

The first step to getting your site online and to get better rankings in Google is to submit your URL to search engines. An example of an URL is Eventually the search engines will find your site but this will help expedite the process.
Once you submit your URL, it could take several days, weeks, or months for the search engines to index your page(s). Results may vary so don’t write this in stone. Factors such as other websites pointing to your site can affect this time as well.
  1. Go to the following link:
  2. Type in your URL, example:
  3. Enter comments about your site. This is optional. Usually I enter the genre of the site and a few keywords. Example: Website design in Hollister, CA.
  4. Enter the captcha text shown in the box
  5. Select “Add URL”

  • Go to the following link:
  • Enter the captcha text shown in the box
  • Type in your URL, example:
  • Select “Submit URL”

1. Go to the following link:
2. Click on “Submit Your Site for Free”
3. You will be redirected to Bing. Follow the on-screen instructions for submitting your URL.

Ask does not have an URL submit feature. Until recently, you could submit your sitemap to them. But has now retired this feature and says they will be crawling sites instead. So, the next best thing is to add a directive in your robots.txt file that specifies auto-discovery of the XML sitemap.
Like this:
The sitemap location should be the full sitemap URL.
That’s it! Once you complete the above steps, just sit back and be patient. It takes time for the search engines to index your pages. If you submit more than once, some search engines may consider this spamming which could result in not indexing your site at all.Using an automated submission program to submit to multiple search engines at once may be considered spam attempts and is frowned upon by search engines such as Google.
Also note that you do not have to add all of your URL addresses for your entire site. For example, you do not need to add and Simply enter the home page URL and let the engines do the rest

Submit Sitemap to Google, Bing and Yandex – Blogger SEO

A blog’s sitemap is a list of posts and pages available for public access. This list is usually index by crawlers and access by users or readers. Sitemap may be in a simple HTML format but modern web technology is use and recommend XML format. These format are always in hierarchical fashion. HTML sitemaps are user friendly i.e. readable by humans. XML sitemap are search engine friendly but not in readable format for humans.
Sitemap may be submitted by three most common methods

1/ Manual submission in Webmaster’s tools
2/ Submission by Robots.txt
3/ Sitemap submission by Ping

In this post we will discuss how to ping your blog’s sitemap to major search engines Google, Bing and Yandex.

Blogger blog’s sitemap is in XML format and can be found on this link.

where you should replace with your blog address.

One thing you should notice for custom domain users sitemap will not be like that

and you’ll receive a 404 error / page not found error. This is a Blogger bug. I have made a complaint for this issue and received a notice this issue will be resolved soon. But in this case you can submitted your blog’s sitemap by using this sitemap url -

where you should replace the url with your custom domain.

Here under the links are to submit sitemap via ping method to search engines:

Here an example is given below how to ping sitemap to search engines for custom domains with Blogger. You can ping or submit sitemap with exclusive method so enjoy both.

For Google search

For Bing search

For Bing search

For Yandex search

where you should replace with your blog address.

If you do not own custom domain for Blogger. Then you can ping your blog’s sitemap with the following method :

For Google search

For Bing search

For Bing search

For Yandex search

That is all methods for submit Url


Math Formulas


Info | How to get quality backlinks

How to get a backlink berkualtas safely - Having a sufficient number of backlinks is an absolute requirement if you hope that your blog could manage to compete in the SERPs . Without backlinks , your blog will be difficult to compete with other blogs , especially if you already have a blog competitor and has a lot of good pagerank backlinks . However, too many backlinks is not enough . Backlinks blog should be quality and quantity without quality values ​​will not be much impact on your blog .

Touching on backlinks , link building activities is a pretty tiring job . In fact , we have to do link building in a sustainable manner in order to maintain and continue to improve our position in SERPs article . If you stop the optimization activities , while you still do not have a blog pagerank backlinks adequate serata then not much you can expect , the blog will tend to be quiet and do not survive long enough in the top search results of search engines .

How to get quality backlinks , and stay safe on the other blog from Google penalty ?

As we know , that a method or a way to build backlinks there are so many . How to build quality backlinks with white SEO method is that I recommend . Backlinks are built in a way that is not fair will not help you blog , even if it is able to improve your position in the SERPs blog he only survived for some time the consequences will be penalized from Google .

Here's an easy way to get quality backlinks from sites that have high PageRank .

Create an account on these sites below, then paste the link / URL of your blog on each of these sites to get backlinks .
- PR - 6
- Allows you to enter a keyword in the anchor text blog
- Crawl rate is very fast / siteinfo
- PR - 8
- Enter the keywords your blog site description column when registering .
- PR - 8
- Nofollow backlinks , but very valuable .
- PR - 6
- Nofollow backlinks , but very valuable . As valuable as backlinks from Wiki site .

- PR - 8
- Get via dofollow backlink anchor text link .

- PR - 9
- Nofollow backlinks , but backlinks from social network sites this one is worth before the search engines .

Facebook Fanpage
- PR - 10
- Same with backlinks from Twitter , are nofollow but your blog is very helpful .
- Make sure you create a Facebook fanspage to share your article with your page likers and get direct traffic from it .

- PR - 8
- Get backlink anchor text in nofollow pass profile .

- PR - 8
- Get backlinks from this by downloading a web site to submit your article 2.0 .

Yahoo Answers
- PR - 8
- Go to Yahoo Answers and answer the questions that are there to get quality backlinks from Yahoo Answers .


Cara daftar dan Memasang Iklan Bidvertiser di Blogg

Cara daftar dan Memasang Iklan Bidvertiser di Blog , Saya beri tutorialnya seputar cara memasang iklan Bidvister di Blogg. caranya sangat gampang dan mudah yang penting punya blog baru atau lama bisa didaftarkan dan langsung dapat iklan tanpa harus blog di survey. Langsung saja kita mempraktekan cara daftar dan memasang iklan nya.

Cara Daftar....
  1. Klik Link di bawah ini untuk daftar.
  3. Klik Join Now Free (dibagian tengah).
  4. Isi data dan Email anda dengan benar.
  5. Untuk Activation, klik Get Activition Code, buka email anda dan lihat pesan dari Bidvister, lalu ambil Code nya, paste di kolom aktifasi.
  6. Centang semua peraturanya.
  7. Lalu Continue.

Cara Pasang Iklan Bidvertiser di Blogg

  1. Pastikan anda pada menu Publisher Center,
  2. Klik Add New Bidvertiser
  3. Centang "Add new BidVertiser under a new domain", akan terbuka seperti ini

  • Isi Bidvertiser Tittle dengan nama Blogg anda.
  • 3rd party ad server / URL forwarding (Tidak usah dicentang).
  • Primary language of your website (pilih bahasa blogg anda ).
  • Select a category that most accurately describes your website: (Pilih kategory yang sesuai dengan blogg anda).
4. Klik Finish

Kemudian untuk mengambil Script iklan nya 
  1. Pergi ke menu Bidvertiser Center
  2. Klik Choose Template (Di bagian Bawah)
  3. Pilih banner sesuai keinginan anda, jika sudah kik Update bagian bawah
  4. Klik Get a Code, disamping Choose template.
  5. Ambil code nya dan pasang di blogg anda