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How to get a backlink berkualtas safely - Having a sufficient number of backlinks is an absolute requirement if you hope that your blog could manage to compete in the SERPs . Without backlinks , your blog will be difficult to compete with other blogs , especially if you already have a blog competitor and has a lot of good pagerank backlinks . However, too many backlinks is not enough . Backlinks blog should be quality and quantity without quality values ​​will not be much impact on your blog .

Touching on backlinks , link building activities is a pretty tiring job . In fact , we have to do link building in a sustainable manner in order to maintain and continue to improve our position in SERPs article . If you stop the optimization activities , while you still do not have a blog pagerank backlinks adequate serata then not much you can expect , the blog will tend to be quiet and do not survive long enough in the top search results of search engines .

How to get quality backlinks , and stay safe on the other blog from Google penalty ?

As we know , that a method or a way to build backlinks there are so many . How to build quality backlinks with white SEO method is that I recommend . Backlinks are built in a way that is not fair will not help you blog , even if it is able to improve your position in the SERPs blog he only survived for some time the consequences will be penalized from Google .

Here's an easy way to get quality backlinks from sites that have high PageRank .

Create an account on these sites below, then paste the link / URL of your blog on each of these sites to get backlinks .
- PR - 6
- Allows you to enter a keyword in the anchor text blog
- Crawl rate is very fast / siteinfo
- PR - 8
- Enter the keywords your blog site description column when registering .
- PR - 8
- Nofollow backlinks , but very valuable .
- PR - 6
- Nofollow backlinks , but very valuable . As valuable as backlinks from Wiki site .

- PR - 8
- Get via dofollow backlink anchor text link .

- PR - 9
- Nofollow backlinks , but backlinks from social network sites this one is worth before the search engines .

Facebook Fanpage
- PR - 10
- Same with backlinks from Twitter , are nofollow but your blog is very helpful .
- Make sure you create a Facebook fanspage to share your article with your page likers and get direct traffic from it .

- PR - 8
- Get backlink anchor text in nofollow pass profile .

- PR - 8
- Get backlinks from this by downloading a web site to submit your article 2.0 .

Yahoo Answers
- PR - 8
- Go to Yahoo Answers and answer the questions that are there to get quality backlinks from Yahoo Answers .

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